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Help Digitize – Converting Traditional Classrooms into Digital/Smart Classrooms

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Our Upcoming 2020-2021 Projects

Help Empower has undertaken the goal of converting 3 to 5 traditional classrooms to digital/smart classrooms at the Radhadevi Goenka Public School & College for Women in a small town called Akola in India. This is an extremely important facility to provide to these girls at a young age so they can get exposure to the latest technologies and be better prepared for the real world. It costs about $3000 per classroom for this upgrade.

Here are the project details:

Social Impact : RDG Public School & College for Women has over 3500 girl Students, many of whom are coming from a poor socio-economic background and from rural areas. They do not have the understanding or exposure to take benefits of regular classroom teachings and they mostly remain absent. With the help of digital content, the classroom sessions will become interesting and interactive which will induce the students to remain present, which in turn will enhance their knowledge and better prepare them for the future. The school & college’s vision statement is “Empowerment of Women through Economic Independence for Betterment of Society”. This initiative will go a long way in achieving this.

Benefits of the Facility to the Students:
We have realised that conventional teaching methodologies of Black Board and Lecture by the class teacher is not attracting the students to the classrooms in the school and college. We need to make the sessions more interesting and at the same time provide more information and knowledge. In today’s world of digitalisation, this can be achieved by teaching with the aid of digital contents. Having to learn with audio- visual sensory benefit along with examples and demos, will go a far away in better understanding of the concepts and the subjects.

It will make the classroom sessions more interesting and interactive and will induce the students to attend the classes regularly which will help them to not only achieve much better results in the exams but also in the implementation of the knowledge in their lives.

Infrastructural and other requirements:

Digital/Smart board with built-in Computers. One such set will cost approximately $3000

Human Resources:

We will provide dedicated training to each faculty member to enable them to use the digital content more effectively.

Financial Outlay:
One set of Digital/Smart Board with built-in Computer costs around $3000. At any given time we can undertake and upgrade of about 3 to 5 classrooms.