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Our Founders

Sisters Sanya and Sanah Goenka believe that by creating awareness for underprivileged children’s education, health issues, and gender equality they can inspire others to become involved in undertaking charitable projects to help those in need. Sanya is a Sophomore in high school and Sanah is in 6th Grade.

The Goenka sisters always believe in helping others and giving back to their community. From a young age, they have been involved in fundraising efforts and volunteering at various sites at home in Wellesley, MA and in India through different organizations.

Sanya Goenka is a Youth Ambassador for American India Foundation and her sister Sanah and she have raised funds for the Learning and Migration program (LAMP) campaign for underprivileged children’s education. 

Their Light a Lamp Campaign (American India Foundation ) Fundraiser that Sanya and her sister Sanah completed in 2017-2018, raising $4,265 to educate 85 underprivileged children in rural India. Help Empower’s first fundraiser raised over $3,200 for the Light a Lamp Campaign (2014-2015) to support education for over 60 children in India. Prior to that, the girls raised money for three consecutive years for cataract eye operations and limb surgeries for poor children and their families in India through Akola Radha Mandal. They have also sponsored education for underprivileged girls over the years through Plan International.

Every summer they visit and help out at the girls’ school and college (RDG School & Girls College) in Akola, India founded by their great grandmother. They have also raised funds to provide bicycles, books etc. for students there. They also volunteer and help out in the local community as much as possible by volunteering at the Newton Wellesley Hospital, Wellesley Council for Aging, Wellesley Food Pantry, Cradle to Crayons, and various soup kitchens as a part of the Girls Scouts and the Community Service Clubs at their school. They have also collected money for several Hurricane Relief Efforts, ran food drives, book drives, bake sales and supported the Walk for Hunger/ Breast Cancer Walk.

Sanya was also selected for her philanthropic work by the India New England News as a rising star for 20 under 20.