Awareness & Pen Pal Program

Created awareness through presentations and speeches for the AIF – Light a Lamp campaign at Buckingham, Brown and Nichols school, Wellesley Public school and community events like IFNET Newton Diwali Ball etc. Volunteered

Sanya started the Pen Pal program in Grade 5 by connecting underprivileged children of migrant workers in India with her classmates at BB&N school in Cambridge, MA. Sanya felt that she should continue to create more awareness and educate the kids in her class about the lives and realities of the children in India and how they can help them.

Through the Pen Pal program, the kids from her 5th grade class made postcards and wrote about themselves and their lives/hobbies etc. Her class teacher too wrote a letter for the teacher in India.
These postcards were then mailed by AIF in Boston to the AIF chapter in India. 

Below is the link to the article in the local MA newspaper: